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When purchasing a used car, it's always tempting to aim only for the lowest price, irrespective of who is selling. Considering the source of sale is as important as what is being sold. Most times, the cost incurred by not researching the seller could be high. Before you start looking for the cheapest deal available for your preferred car, it is important to consider the differences between used car lots and private sellers.

Private Sellers

The main reason why most people prefer to buy cars from Private sellers found through sites such as Craigslist and Autotrader is that they can get a good price. Buying from a private seller, you can rest assured that you are buying the cheapest available because there will be no unnecessary overhead costs.

However, as great as this sounds, it is also important to point out that private sellers are not supervised or monitored by state and federal laws that protect buyers from being overpriced and scammed. This means that if you want to purchase a car from a private seller today, and it stops working or develops a major fault the next day, there are no significant government laws that you can use to recover your hard earned money or have the extra money for damages taken care of by the private seller.

Also, there are no warranty service options on cars bought from a private seller that you can use. If getting the lowest price possible is your utmost priority, then you might feel these extras are not a primary concern to you but if otherwise, a used car dealer who has great deals and extras should be an option.


Used car dealers are usually a go-to for buying a car. They handle lots of procedures, which range from financing, service plans, and will also store proper documentation and details of the previous car owner. Also, cars purchased through dealers go through full inspection before being sold. 

It's important to note that while cars bought from private sellers could be relatively cheap, you still can find good deals at a used car lots. Also, if warranties and service are your top priority, then it is important to approach a used car dealer.

New or Used Car Dealers: Which One is the Better Option?

In purchasing a vehicle, it is tempting to go to the nearest car dealer to buy a new car, but it is important to know that the purchase of a new car might not be a wise investment. Depreciation in value sets in as soon as a car is driven off of the sales lot. Therefore, you can get an almost brand new car, but save money.

Buyers who wish to alter a few things in their vehicle usually prefer buying a new one because being able to customize is one of the perks of buying a new car. However, customization can also be done on used cars by visiting an auto shop to have extra touches put on your car (e.g., different tires, a sunroof, and tinted windows). Finally, researching used car reviews can help you get an idea of the cost difference between old and new cars.

Guidelines on How You Can Get the Best Available Used Car at the Right Price

There are a lot of car shoppers that don't know how to negotiate. For many, bargaining a car price might be a challenge. The possibility of having to haggle a price with the dealer and the anxiety of paying more has allowed for some dealers to get you to pay far more than you should. 

Haggling a price can be a painless task if you have a done a bit of research. You can make use of these tips whenever you want to buy a used car, which would help secure a right price and also make negotiation stress free.

Know the Price Range

The most important thing you need to know beforehand is the price range. Before selecting your preferred used car, the amount you can afford and how the payment will be made. Some online tools can assist you to know how much you can afford to spend on a used car based on the paying method (monthly) you feel comfortable with paying. Once this is done, you can shop for a loan or payment plan that offers terms you are comfortable with and also has a 5-star rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Know What You Want

The second thing is: know what you want to buy. Do not allow a dealer recommend a used car to you. You can use the internet to identify cars that fall within your price range and also meet your requirements. Also, make sure you take time to test drive before buying. This will you to fully inspect the car (interior, exterior electronics). Also, do not feel like you are asking too many questions, make sure you know everything about the car leaving no details out.

Know the Market Value

Also, make sure that you know the market value of the car you want to go purchase. This will help to know when the dealer is out to make you pay more than you ought to pay for the car.


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