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Pickup Trucks are usually seen as expensive, both in price tag and consumption. But this article is meant to inform consumers of the many affordable and reliable truck options in the marketplace. When talking about affordability, it is very important to look at the big picture because if you plan to keep the pickup truck for a few years, then gas consumption should be at the top of the list.

For starters, it is essential to look for the standard trucks that will get the job done without any add-ons or extra features. The following pickup trucks are excellent choices for people on the hunt for a solid bang for their buck:

* Ford F-150 - It is difficult talking about a reliable pickup truck with great resale value and not think about the Ford F-150. This truck is excellent because of the many options and configurations it offers. It has a good mileage per gallon of 19 in the city and 26 in the highway, so it’s a great choice if you do long distance trips. The F-150 newer models are a bit on the expensive side (mid-20s), but it has such a long history that you can very easily find older models priced around $12,000-$17,000.

* GMC Canyon - This pickup truck has a great price for what it offers. It’s not a small truck nor a large truck, so it offers many options for utility. Priced around $20,000 for a new 2017 model, this truck offers features that most trucks at this price range do not. For instance, the Colorado is very spacious and offers different options as far as the engine size is concerned. The miles per gallon on this pickup is 22 gallons on the city and 30 on the highway.

* Ram 1500 - The Dodge Ram is one smooth piece of engineering. This powerhouse is famous for its strength and comfort. The first thing you will notice about the Ram is how spacious it is, even the most basic models. But the fun begins when you actually go for a test drive and you get introduced to the power of the Ram. The best part? All that power and you’re still being smart with your gas consumption money because this pickup has the mileage of 21 mpg while doing city driving and 29 mpg for highway use. The 2017 model is priced in the mid 20s, but with a simple search, you could find used Rams close to you.

* Nissan Frontier - This is a very affordable compact sized pickup truck that has a name to stand behind on. Nissan Frontiers have had years of doing great sales wise, and this is due to the longevity of these trucks combined with very affordable parts. For example, a 2017 Nissan Frontier is priced around $18,000, and you can easily find older models in between $10,000 to $15,000.

* Chevrolet Colorado - This is one of the best dollar value compact sized pickup trucks in the market. For a 2017 new Chevrolet Colorado, you would be paying around $20,000, but this is a great truck that doesn’t feel like bare bones even if it is compact and standard. This great truck was awarded the prize of “Best compact truck for the money” award this year, so this should tell you that this one is a hidden gem.

* Toyota Tacoma  - This is one stylish truck with a sleek design made for the adventurer with very high design standards. The Toyota Tacoma 2017 model starts in the mid-20s which is a great price for such a technology oriented truck. The Tacoma’s mileage is also very good at 19 mpg while doing city driving and 24 mpg while doing highway driving. The Tacoma is a great choice for people that want something bigger than a compact size, but with a sleek modern design that doesn’t look too bloated.

* Chevrolet Silverado - The Silverado is one pickup that represents strength and usability. This pickup has the highest max trailering ratings of the full-sized pickup truck segment at 12,500 lbs max. Wow! Now, this is a great value added for anybody that needs to haul heavy objects but wants to stay within an affordable budget, Another great note on the Silverado is that even the standard model comes equipped with four wheel drive. The price range of the Silverado is in the mid to high 20s, but there are many used options around the $15,000 mark. The only thing is that the mileage per gallon is not the best on our list, but when we think about the power, this truck has it makes sense that it has 18 mpg while doing city driving and 24 mpg while doing highway driving.

With that list, you’re more than equipped to start looking for affordable and reliable trucks. While you do your research always be attentive to details such as past use of the pickup and if a lot of the driving was done in the city or outdoors. Also, be open to the idea of looking into a model from the past 2 to 3 years, especially if the truck was included in this list.


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