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If you’re thinking about purchasing a truck, then this simple and practical guide will give you the basic things to consider before making the final decision. Trucks are a great choice for anybody looking for a reliable transportation method, but even more, if you’re someone that loves the outdoors or needs the strength that a truck provides.

Buying a used truck is an excellent choice to save some money if you do the right research. For example, there are many variables that come into play when purchasing a truck, such as:

* Are you looking for a standard stock truck or do you have a specific need? Many contractors need a special “contractor” body which is considered a specialty and is not found at every used truck lot.

* Some of the features you might consider are the length of the bed, size of the cabin (2 door or 4 doors), and all the way to engine cylinder and fuel type (gas or diesel).

* Trucks can include many additions like lifted or lowered suspensions. These two features come from the degree of suspension added, and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Low or High Suspension?

Trucks with low suspension have better maneuverability, are more stable, and easier to drive for many. Trucks with high suspensions are a great choice if you want to have a clearer view of your surroundings and a more powerful control over rough terrain. Many people consider high suspension trucks ideal for rural and outdoor areas and low suspension trucks the right fit for a city transportation solution.

You might be wondering what are the top recommendations for pickup trucks, so here is a quick overview of the top 5 trucks:

* Ford F-150 - The F-150 is a great option for someone looking for a truck with a proven track record of durability, resale value, and easy maintenance.

* Dodge Ram 1500 - The Dodge Ram 1500 is a great option for anybody that is looking for a good price point and a lot of strength

* Toyota Tacoma - As soon as we hear the brand Toyota we know we are talking about a vehicle that is made to last and will keep its value, no matter the place.

* Nissan Frontier - The Nissan Frontier is on the lighter side of the list and is preferred by people that are not looking for a lot of towing capability or that need to transport heavy machinery.

* Toyota Tundra - The Tundra, just like the Tacoma is built to last and it’s a bit bigger than the Tacoma with more space inside the cabin and on the bed as well.

Truck Utility?

The most recommended trucks are a good place to start thinking about what it is that you actually need. For example, if you work in construction and constantly need to be moving heavy equipment, then you would do yourself a favor by looking into heavy-duty trucks with towing capabilities such as the Ford F-250 or the Dodge Ram 2500 which are capable of towing over 12,000 lbs. The main benefits of heavy-duty pickup trucks are their ability to carry large payloads while towing, and the ability for more features to be added. And if you are simply an active person that loves going to the beach and do some kitesurfing, then a Nissan Frontier would do the job just fine. Another very important point that needs to be considered within the utility spectrum is your budget. As we just explained, pickup trucks come in all types of varieties with endless features and add-ons but that all comes at a price. Light duty pickup trucks of the current year usually are in the low to high twenty thousand dollar mark, while heavier trucks can easily go over the fifty thousand dollar mark.

Look into the Truck’s History

Well, by now you should have a solid idea of what to look for when buying a used truck. Please be mindful that pickups are used for many types of activities, so it is crucial to look at exactly what you’re buying and how much wear and tear it has had. A key part of the search is to ask questions and be observant of the seller. Unlike a regular car, a truck has a very high chance of being used for commercial purposes or off road vacations, so that would be a great place to start asking about the truck’s history. For example, if the truck is tow capable, then you should ask how much weight on average has been hauled at one time. On the flip side, just like a car, it is important for the truck to have a clean title so you can actually see the official truck history. Another are of importance is the truck’s accident and maintenance history.

Best of luck with your truck search, and have patience because the right truck can last many years as they are made for just that!


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